Welcome to the First Congregational Church of Naples

FCCN was founded in 2004, and continues to grow its congregation in Naples, Florida. We have many exciting programs and opportunities to meet your needs, whether for worship, fellowship, Sunday School, or small group gatherings.

The motto of our church, A Positive Church with a Positive Message, captures in a nutshell who we are. We believe that through connecting people with the positive aspects of life, they are able to grow and blossom and be able to share their joy and faith with a world that so desperately needs a word of hope.

What's Happening at FCCN

August 19, 2018, Dear Friends,   A question for you...how many people have been driven away from the church because the church has become a stumbling block. Sounds strange, doesn't it? But it happens all the time. People become disenfranchised by   the church because of schisms, disagreements, or even the pain the church brings to their lives. It's ironic since the church is supposed to bring people together. The church has the   message of "The... >> Read More
August 5, 2018, Dear Friends, "Life is either a daring adventure or its nothing at all," are words from Helen Keller. As we think about life, we find these words ring true. The story of Jesus walking on the water and Peter's emulating Jesus, only to sink in the waves is a teaching moment about the storms of life  and the importance of keeping our eyes on Jesus, regardless of the circumstances in which we find ourselves. How often do you face a... >> Read More