About us

We believe in the basic historical affirmations of the Christian Church, that God is the Creator, that Christ is God’s son, and that God speaks to us through the Holy Spirit.

We believe the Bible is the basic rule of faith and practice in life and gives instruction on how to find God and experience a walk of faith with his son in our life journey.

Unlike some churches that are highly doctrinal and who try to fit people into certain frames, we seek to offer a wider parameter of faith, allowing individuals space to experience God and interpret the Bible according to the dictates of their own conscience. Hence, we are not a judgmental kind of church, but rather a church that allows each person his/her own freedom to apply the scripture to their walk of faith with God.

We believe in being a positive church.
This means our services and messages focus on the positive, on all that is right with life and not with what’s wrong. No one who attends our church will ever be put down with a negative message.