FCCN Service Preview (3/22/15) - 5th Sunday of Lent

Life can throw us some real curve balls from time to time.  These come often at most unexpected moments and we are never prepared for them.  They can come in terms of disappointment, grief, trial, betrayal, or unexpected trials.  The question becomes one of overcoming and healing those things that can be an impasse to the joy in life that God intended. No doubt Christ felt such painful blows as he made His way to the crucifixion...He felt all of those deep hurts....disappointment, grief, trial, betrayal, and the unexpected cross.  But in the end He was triumphant and God raised him not only from the grave, but gave Him His place of honor as He is seated at the  Father's right hand.  The focus of this Lenten service will be Healing Our Hurts, taking our cue from the One who overcame the world.

Bullet Points from the Message

Miracle Limbs Charity Golf Tournament

JUST CHECKING - The First Congregational Church of Naples, Fla., and its member Frank Rostron present a check for $90,015.00, raised through a charity golf tournament on Oct. 25th, 2014, to the Miracle Limbs Foundation started by First Congregational member Bob Ayres. Miracle Limbs helps people who need prosthetic limbs and cannot afford them. For more information on Miracle Limbs, please visit

Pictured from left to right: Frank Rostron, Robert Ayres, Rev. Dr. Les Wicker, and Jonathan Lombardi.

FCCN Service Preview (3/15/15) - The Fourth Sunday of Lent

FCCN Preview Service

It is always important to finish a race, whether in a marathon or in the race of life. The words of Paul found in II Timothy 4:7 say so much about finishing the race of life, "I have fought a good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith."  The message on Sunday will focus on ways to finish the race of keeping our faith the in the race of life.  You will want to read and think about the verses found in Philippians 3: 13-14 in preparation for the message.
Bullet points include:

  • Removing Distractions
  • Remembering Our Reason for Running
  • Renewing Ourselves Daily
  • Resisting Discouragement
  • Relying on Christ for Strength for the Run

Two Great Vocalists to Join Talents

James McDuffy and Michael Conway will be joining their voices to sing "He Touched Me" and "It Is Well with My Soul." 

Women's Retreat

Women of the church, remember the Women's Retreat is coming up April 10-11 and will be held at Shell Point. Outstanding leadership is planned and will be introduced in the service this Sunday. No one will want to miss the Women's Retreat. Date: Friday, April 10, 2015 to Saturday, April 11, 2015

First Congregational Church of Naples Easter Video Contest (Rules and Information)

Test Your Video Skills

The Outreach Committee has a challenge for you ... Can you create a video about the church? If so you may win $150 from the Outreach Committee. That's right! Whover creates the best video a between now and April 4, 2015 will receive $150 as the winner. Additional prizes will be awarded as well.

Michael Conway to Sing - The Third Sunday of Lent

Don't let the golf attire fool you.  We will be inspired by the gifted music of Michael Conway who will be the vocalist for the service on Sunday. One of the numbers Mike will sing is "The Old Rugged Cross."  Mike now serves on the Board of Trustees of the Church. 

Sunday Service at First Congregational Church of Naples - The Third Sunday of Lent

The focus of Lent leads to the Passover, Jesus' Last Supper, the trial and crucifixion.  It was the Passover which compelled Jesus to go to Jerusalem rather than to remain in Galilee. Jerusalem was the center of Jewish faith as well as the seat of government for this Roman province.  Throngs of people would be present for the Passover which celebrated Moses' and the children of Israel to miraculously escape their oppression from Pharaoh. In the face of overwhelming odds, Moses trusted God for the deliverance of his people from their bondage.  As is stated in Hebrews 11:28, "It was by faith that Moses commanded the people of Israel to keep the Passover and to sprinkle blood on the doorposts so the angel of death would pass over their firstborn."  Moses thus rightly deserves his place in the "Hall of Faith" for Israel.  Sunday's message will focus on the example of Moses and how anyone can join him in "The Hall of Faith."

In His love and service,