Community Carolina Style BBQ

FCCN is hosting a Community Carolina Style BBQ once a month starting Saturday, October 6th at 5:00PM. The Cost is $10 per person. Take your family out for dinner or make it a date night with your spouse! This will be a fun night with great smoked BBQ and Music. For more details please contact the church office at 239-514-3500  

FCCN Sunday Service Preview - "A Friend in High Places"

August 26. 2018,

Dear Friends,
Do you have clout?  That depends on who you know.  Mike Royko, a national columnist and author, wrote in his book, "One More Time," that clout is based on  a person's connections.  In the Book of Hebrews, we are told that we have a connection with "a Great High Priest," namely Jesus, who has experienced everything possible that a person could experience (Hebrews 4: 14). As a result of this connection, people of faith should live confidence as they draw "near to the throne of grace." 

Hebrews goes on to say that because we have a great high priest, we should:
Hold fast to our faith.
Know He is with us in all things.
Never collapse under pressure.

FCCN Sunday Service Preview - "Telling the Truth"

July 8, 2018,

Dear Friends,  
Is honesty a thing of the past or are people still basically honest.  You know that telling the truth is the Ninth Commandment. It's about telling the truth and not "bearing a false witness" against someone else.  A Time Magazine edition had a cover story called "Lying,Everybody's Doing It."  Lying is not the real problem. The real problem is a problem of the heart. 
St. Augustine said there were eight kinds of lies. Mark Twain said there were 869.

The message on Sunday will focus on several kinds of lies:

FCCN Sunday Service Preview - "Great Hymns of Inspiration"

June 3, 2018
"It Is Well With My Soul" is a hymn that was written in the context of unbelievable loss in the life of the author, Horation Spafford. With overwhelming losses and unspeakable grief, he could still put to pen these words of comfort for millions.