FCCN Sunday Service Preview - "Presidents' Day Sunday"

February 19. 2017

February 20 is President's Day, a day set aside to remember and honor those now forty-five men who have served our country as President. We think of two in particular, Washington and Lincoln, as truly outstanding leaders in difficult times. In addition to honoring these great leaders, we will take the opportunity to look at their faith as a guiding point of their life and presidencey.

Dear Friends,

FCCN Sunday Service Preview - "The Meaning of Love and Marriage"

February 12, 2017
"Put on then, as God's chosen ones, compassion, patiende, and forgiveness. And 
if one has a complaint against the other, forgiving each other as the Lord has forgiven you."  ~ Colossians 3: 12

FCCN Sunday Service Preview - "Super Bowl Sunday"

February 5, 2017

Choosing the Team: "If you are unwilling to serve the Lord, choose this day whom you will serve,...but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord."  Joshua 24:15 

Dear Friends,
It's Superbowl 51, and over 100,000,000 people will be watching, with each 30-second ad costing $4 M, or $133,333.00 per second. It's a kind of American thing to do on February 5th. But in terms of life, what is really important...not the Superbowl at Houston's NRG Stadium, but finding  Christ in one's life. That could be called the "Superbowl of the Soul." That is why we are making this Superbowl Sunday a Superbowl of faith. It will be an absolute thrill to have Charlie Weatherbie, former coach of the United States Naval Academy as our special guest. Oh, BTW, there is going to be a Tailgate Party in Zilinskis Hall following the service.

Serving Him together,

FCCN Sunday Service Preview - "Moving the Church Forward"

January 29, 2017

Last Sunday, our Moderator, Pam Toorock, gave an upbeat report on the status of the church from her perspective, citing the many accomplishments of the church during the past year. Her words were inspiring! At the end of her presentation she offered these words: "As we move into the next year of our church life together, let's continue to ask ourselves "What more can I do?" to strengthen our bond together as a church family.
Good words!  This Sunday we will be installing our officers and committee members to their respective offices. The lesson will come from Colossians 4: 7-14 in Paul is giving instructions about mobilizing the church. Of course, it all starts with leadership, but doesn't end there. It is about everyone using his /her talent to the fullest for building up the church. Paul has some great advice for us as we move into this new year. Here are some bullet points from Paul's letter

FCCN Sunday Service Preview - "Reconciling America"

January 22, 2017

Dear Friends,
Seldom, if ever in our life time, has America experienced so much angst over a transition of power with an election as we are seeing with the inauguration of a new president and the retirement of another. With over 60 members of the House boycotting the inauguration, marches of protest across the country, celebrities threatening to go to Canada, the polarization of left and right, and challenges to the legitimacy of the election, the climate of life in America is threatening. People are on edge. We might even say "America is at war,"  but at war within itself. As our country moves through a difficult transition of both power and ideology of government, it is time to move forward with reconciliation. Failure to do so will only polarize us further and impede our progress of continuing to be "The greatest nation on earth."  The message on Sunday will be: "Reconciling America."

FCCN February 2017 Fellowship Opportunities

At First Congregational Church of Naples we believe in the importance of Fellowship Opportunities . Below is a list of opportunities at the church that everyone is invited to participate in. Sign up sheets and flyers with more information may be obtained in the church social hall, the church office, or on the website and social media. Please contact Stacey Holcombe, Church Ministry Coordinator, with any questions, concerns, or to sign up. or 239-514-3500

FCCN Sunday Service Preview - "Finding Joy in Difficult Times"

January 15, 2017

Is it possible to find joy in difficult times? Perhaps you have asked the question posed by the title of Phil Yancey's book, "Where Is God When It Hurts?" While every person ponders those searching questions the Bible and our experience inform us that it is possible to find joy in whatever circumstance. The experiences of Ezra and Nehemiah around 520 BC are quite informative regarding joy, no matter what. Right now you may be facing a challenge, a trial, or a heart-break. These stories and message will speak to you. I hope you will plan to be present and discover ways to find joy even in difficult times.

Serving Him togother,
Pastor Les
Special Music by the Chancel Choir
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FCCN Sunday Service Preview - "Big dreams require a big faith"

January 8, 2017

Dear Friends,

Life is about following your dreams, whether personal or that of the faith community of the church. Dreams are synonymous with vision. There is a well-known verse in Proverbs 29 that puts it succinctly: "Where there is no vision, the people perish."  So what are your dreams for this year, dreams personally or dreams for the church. The message on Sunday will explore biblical personalities who had dreams and who, with the help of God, had their dreams come true. Big dreams require a big faith. How big is your dream?  How big is your God?

Serving Him together,
Pastor Les

Special Music by the Chancel Choir

FCCN Sunday Service Preview - "The Best Way Possible to Start Your New Year"

January 1, 2017

Starting the New Year often sets the tone for the rest of the year.  How will you live your life this year?  Why not begin the year by sharing the Worship of shall  your life have new beginnings.

Where will your life's road lead you this year?

Sunday's message will be a reflection of how the shepherd's lives were changed...although they went back to their flocks, what they had experienced in Bethlehem would alter their lives.
The Christmas message is clear: Back to Business, but Not as Usual.

Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday!