FCCN Sunday Service Preview - "Blessed Is the Nation"

July 1, 2018,
Dear Friends,  
Celebrating America's Independence is far more than fireworks and beach outings. It is about what happened in 1776 when those brave patriots signed the Declaration of Independence and the 26,000 who laid down their lives either in battle or as POW's to win America's freedom.  The thought of a new nation was cutting-edge. How would the nation survive and how would its government be established?  So many issues to be resolved, yet those in leadership from the 13 colonies hammered out a plan to  bring the colonies together as one country, which would, without doubt, become the greatest nation on earth.  The DNA of America to this day is what the vision was by those who framed the Constitution and governing principles of equality under the law. Even with its flaws and present-day polarization, there is no nation on earth like America.  It is small wonder people will risk everything just to live in this beautiful country where one is limited only by his/her imagination of what life can be.
Serving Him together, Rev. Les Wicker, pastor 
Daniel Melvin, Known as the "Most Melodic Voice of Southwest Florida" will sing "God Bless the USA."
A Very Special Treat will be a visit from An American Patriot who will share how the Faith of the Patriots figured into the American Revolution.  The patriot will be in the person of Jacob Winge who is Chair of the Collier County Museum and Historical Society.  
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