FCCN Sunday Service Preview - "The Christmas Tree"

December 9, 2018

Dear Friends,
No doubt your home will be decorated with a Christmas Tree. Have you ever thought about why a Christmas tree was such an integral part of Christmas? It was not until the 16th Century that Christmas trees began to be a part of the festival of Christmas, but how much are they a part of the joy of the season now! Martin Luther set up a tree for his children to accentuate the "Mysterious Glory" he experienced while walking through the woodland on a Christmas Eve as the moon's light glistened on the leaves of the evergreen. He felt that mysterious light spoke of him who for "our salvation came to earth." Trees are a part of the Christian faith from the mention of the "Tree of Knowledge" in Genesis to the "Tree of Life" in Revelation. There is a legend that Jesus was crucified upon a Dogwood tree.  The message will focus on this "mysterious glory" experienced in the beauty of a Christmas tree.
Serving Him Together, Rev. Lew Wicker, Pastor
Here is but a small part of the Fifty Gifts brought to the church for needy children through the Salvation Army.  Every tag was taken and returned.  Please note the many bicycles and gifts in the church foyer as they will be delivered to the Salvation Army this week for distribution to the children. Thanks to everyone who was able to participate in this gesture of love and concern.
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Christmas Eve Candlelight Services
5:00 PM  The Victorian Carolers

7:00 PM   Lessons and Carols
If you have a busy day on Sunday, why not worship with the Early Service which is abbreviated to a 30 minute service.
and Carols

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