FCCN Sunday Service Preview - "A Formula for Facing the Future"

January 7, 2018
"And in this matter I give you my advice; it is best for you now to complete what a year ago you began not only to do, but to desire, so that your readiness in desiring it may be mateche by your completing it out of what you have.  ~II Corinthians 8: 10-11

Dear Friends,
You know the old adage,"The best laid plans of men and mice." This is the time of year we make plans for the coming days.  Unfortunately, some of the plans made, "FLAME OUT." But how does a person keep the mission moving forward? Actually, the Bible has a formula for doing just that and as we follow the formula, we find ourselves completing our mission. As Paul told the  Corinthians. 

"The best thing you can do right now is finish what you started last year."  II Corinthians 8:11. The first thing we must do is "GUARD OUR THOUGHTS." As is said, "As a person thinks in his heart, so is he" (Proverbs 4: 23). We must secondly "MANAGE OUR ENERGY," meaning taking time to both work and have leisure. Finally, we must "MAINTAIN OUR FOCUS." Fulfilling God's purpose is the most important thing in life.

Serving Him together, Rev. Les Wicker, pastor 
The Lord's Supper will be celebrated! 
New Members to Be Received on January 21.
Women's Retreat - February 2-3: An Exciting Program is Planned for the Women's Retreat which will be held at the church. Plan to attend and invite a friend.

Annual Meeting January 28
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