FCCN Sunday Service Preview - "Making Your Life Count"

January 27, 2019

Dear Friends,
A question for you: "Does Your Life Count?"  If you feel it doesn't count, what must you do to make it count?  The worst thing that can happen to a person is to come to the end of life and feel one's life didn't count.  Studs Terkel interviewed thousands of people and was once himself asked: "What do you think people want more than anything else?"  Without batting an eye, he said, "People want their lives to count for something." The fact is your life can count for something good and wonderful. Your life can make a difference.  The message on Sunday will focus on ways you can indeed make your life count.
Serving Him Together, Rev. Les Wicker, pastor  
Don't Miss the Special Music Planned for the Service
"How Great Thou Art" played on a saxophone
Trumpet and flute for Hymn of Praise
Gospel Hymn with Ensemble Including Saxophone, Trumpet, Violin, Viola, Piano
Save the Date: Women's Retreat: Feb 1-2
If you have a busy day on Sunday, why not worship with the Early Service which is abbreviated to a 30 minute service. 
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