FCCN Sunday Service Preview - "Peace--The Fruit of the Spirit"

November 12, 2017,

Dear Friends,
In Paul's letter to the Galatians 
(5: 22-23), he gives his timeless prescription for Christian character.  Among those many qualities of character we find the word "Peace,"  definitely a fruit of the Spirit. How everyone longs for peace--that deep inner conviction  that is in our very souls. Peace is a quality of centeredness, that solid ground that comes through knowing Christ is in our hearts. There are basically three options: 1). God doesn't keep his promises to bring us peace; 2). Our peace is stolen; or 3). The choices we make create havoc in the soul. In terms of our world today, you will find this to be a timely subject. 
Serving Him together,
Rev. Les Wicker, pastor 
Grammy Award Winning Artist to Perform During Service This Sunday
Soprano saxophonist and recording artist Eirinn Abu gives the instrument a new voice and sound. His peers call him the instrumental version of Josh Grobin and Andrea Bocelli. His talent warranted Dolly Parton's singing "I Will Always Love You" as guest artist on his Christian CD! Come be blessed by this heart-warming experience of Christian music. Come enjoy the music of Eirinn Abu, Invite a friend to come on Sunday and be inspired by this well-known artist who has recorded with Whitney Houston, Dolly Parton and many other performers.
Fold a dollar bill and place it in the plate for Missions!
Ten New Members to Join on Sunday!
Not only will Sunday be a special day with the guest artist of Eirinn Abu, but we are having ten new members join our church. Be sure to welcome these new friends into our church family.
Morning Men - Come and enjoy the food, fellowship, and program.