FCCN Sunday Service Preview - "Thanksgiving Service"

November 18, 2018

Dear Friends,
On Sunday we will celebrate our Thanksgiving Service with out Pilgrim March and Re-enactment of the story of the Pilgrims.  While we refer to these hardy souls as "Pilgrims," they were actually known of and called themselves "Separatists," meaning they separated themselves from the Church of England to form a faith community apart from the authority of the king who appointed the bishops and essentially had control of the church. While we take a somewhat cavalier approach to these courageous, stouthearted people, their undaunted conviction and willpower, along with those who followed, would birth a new nation.  The influence of their faith and courage and its impact on the America that was to be can never be underestimated.
Serving Him together, Rev. Les Wicker, pastor
Thanksgiving Sunday, November 18

Plan to attend the Thanksgiving Service and Luncheon following. This year the re-enactment will focus on Dr. Samuel Fuller, the only physician on board the Mayflower, and whose descendant after thirteen generations, is Ellen Hatch, a member of our congregation. The drama will portray this one member of Plymouth colony and his personal trials in re-uniting with his wife, Bridget, arrived in Plymouth in 1623.
Genealogy of Ellen and Beth Hatch
Dr. Samuel Fuller (Mayflower Passenger)
Samuel Fuller, II (1625)
Samuel Fuller III (1659)
Nathaniel Fuller (1687)
Amos Fuller (1718)
Philemon Fuller (1763)
Charles Fuller (1787)
Charles Augustus Fuller (1816)
Samuel Thomas Fuller
Everett Standish Fuller (1846)
Sarah E Magnon (1866)
Harold Magnon (1907)
Ellen Magnon (1931)
Beth Hatch
Thanksgiving Luncheon - Plan to enjoy the Thanksgiving Luncheon in Zilinskis Hall following the Thanksgiving Service.
If you have a busy day on Sunday, why not worship with the Early Service which is abbreviated to a 30 minute service. 
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