FCCN Sunday Service Preview - "Transfiguration Transforming Your Life"

March 3, 2019

Dear Friends,
Sunday is "Transfiguration Sunday," a Sunday that remembers how Jesus went up on the mountain with Peter. James, and John, for the purpose of prayer when he was transfigured (changed form) right before their eyes.  Also present in the Transfiguration were Moses (the lawgiver) and Elijah (the prophet).  The sequence of this event should be noted as it occurs after what biblical studies have termed, "The Recognition Scene," in which Jesus asked the disciples who men said he was. Up until this time, there appeared to be a secrecy about his identity, referred to as "The Secrecy Motif."  While other disciples stumbled at the question, Peter  recognizes him as the Christ. It was from that moment on that Jesus begins to tell them of what is ahead, that he will indeed suffer at the hands of the chief priests and pharisees and be put to death, but will arise again on the third day.  The Transfiguration is most central to the Christian faith.  Its message, however, transcends its own meaning as it can have value only as it transforms one's life.  I believe this message will bring to light not only the importance of the Transfiguration as it happened, but how it impacts your life as well.
Serving Him Together, Rev. Les Wicker, pastor 
Special Music
Music for Sunday will focus on the The Transfiguration and Lord's Supper as the choir sings:

*"Shine, Jesus, Shine"

*"Feed Us Now"

*Come Share the Lord"
Christian Love and Sympathy

Are Extended to:

  • The Family of Jean Olsen who passed away on February 22.  The service for Jean will be March 23.
  • Jonathan Forrest whose wife, Karen, passed on February 21.
  • The Family of Elizabeth Lewis who passed on February 22.
  • The Family of Diana Shrek who passed on February 20.
    If you have a busy day on Sunday, why not worship with the Early Service which is abbreviated to a 30 minute service. 
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