FCCN Sunday Service Video -"Reconciling America"

January 22, 2017

Dear Friends,
Seldom, if ever in our life time, has America experienced so much angst over a transition of power with an election as we are seeing with the inauguration of a new president and the retirement of another. With over 60 members of the House boycotting the inauguration, marches of protest across the country, celebrities threatening to go to Canada, the polarization of left and right, and challenges to the legitimacy of the election, the climate of life in America is threatening. People are on edge. We might even say "America is at war,"  but at war within itself. As our country moves through a difficult transition of both power and ideology of government, it is time to move forward with reconciliation. Failure to do so will only polarize us further and impede our progress of continuing to be "The greatest nation on earth."  The message on Sunday will be: "Reconciling America."

Serving Him together,
Pastor Les
Special Music by the Chancel Choir
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