Pastoral Care

Giving support and spiritual care to members of the congregation is an important part of our ministry. Our pastors and support team make frequent calls on those who are ill or experiencing grief and loss.

In addition to the spiritual care offered by the pastors, the church deacons also act as care givers. As soon as the church is aware of a need, the deacons and other care givers are notified and the one needing care is placed on both a prayer list and a prayer chain.

Anyone needing pastoral or spiritual care will soon find cards and letters of support coming their way. Grief meals are offered to families who have experienced the loss of a loved one.

We feel it is important to respond to a spiritual need as quickly as possible as these are the times hurting or ill people really need to support of their church family. Help us to be pro-active by letting us know the need enabling the church to faithfully respond.