Pastor's Message

First Congregational Church of Naples is an exciting church. In so many ways it exemplifies what a church should be in terms of the feeling of welcome, affirmation, and love that are so much a part of the church. The profile of our congregation is a wide and inclusive one, but everyone feels at home and a part of this dynamic and growing congregation.

The motto of our church is “A Positive Church with a Positive Message.” Anyone who enters our doors will feel the positive vibes even before they enter as they will be warmly greeted at the door and immediately feel a sense of warmth, love, and joy once inside the church. So often churches spend too much time talking about negative issues and even making people feel bad and unworthy. We believe the most positive person who ever lives was Christ himself. He always saw the good in people and even when they failed, he tried to lift them up again.

Every service is geared around some positive theme that is applicable to life. For me it is most important that when people leave the church they can feel in their heart, “It was good to have been in the house of the Lord.”

I hope you will visit us soon and allow the experience of positive worship to fill your cup with love and joy.

Rev. Les Wicker, Pastor